Article in relation to the Presentation of the M-W District Pennant flag winners plus photos

“Pennant flags were presented to the 2017 Grade winners by M-W District President Barbara Green on three separate occasions at three of our Clubs.


At Harbord’s Friendship Day on July 19 Grade 1’s flag was presented to the Harbord team, a team who continue to have an outstanding record in this Grade. The Grade 3 Harbord girls were also presented with the Pennant flag for that Grade.


After a 16 year gap since the Club’s last Pennant win, Grade 2’s flag was presented to the Seaforth team at its home venue on August 2. This occasion was a great celebration for the entire Club.


Grade 4 was won by Pittwater Memorial with their Pennant Flag being presented at their Club on July 5. This was a just reward for a Club that are always extremely competitive.

Grade 1, 2 and 4 teams were regional Pennant winners at the play-offs held at Belrose Women’s Bowling Club on May 18 and are now off to the Central Coast to challenge for the Pennant State Flag with matches scheduled from August 14 through to the 17th.


They travel to these big matches with the District’s congratulations on their achievements to date and very best wishes for continued success.


Photo 1 – Winners of Grade 1 Pennant Flag – from l-r Masaka Sato, Gwen Dessaix, Susan Laidlaw, Virginia Longfellow (Skip), Lorraine Belling, Robyn Kennedy, Jan Newell, Chris Gordon (Skip), Grace Costanza (Regular Reserve)


Photo 2 – Winners of Grade 2 Pennant Flag – from l-r Mel Parker (Skip), Gera Fussel, Noreen Moore, Peta Cass, Dawne Delaney, Mary Hastings, June McKeown, Jo Freeman (Skip)


Photo 3 – Winners of Grade 3 Pennant Flag – from l-r Mary Rogers, Sue McGinness, Jenny Gepp, Yvonne Edwards (Skip), Norina Sacco, Sue Hollier, Lesley McLean, Pauline Jones (Skip), Rana Wingrove (Regular Reserve)


Photo 4 – Winners of Grade 4 Pennant Flag – from l-r Margaret Tubb, Lee Evans, Neda Bartulovich, Beryl Sinigoy (Skip), Barbara Jones, Faye Gudmunson, Sue Scarlett, Marj Key (Skip)



Diana Rothwell

Vice President/Communications Officer

Manly Warringah District - Region 15


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